About Me

Just a quickie about me...

I love to sew, quilt, and do almost anything crafty.  It is usually in my messy craft room..."Penny's Room"... where I do this! (Hence the name.)

Once I started blogging I realized there is a lot more to my craftiness than what happens in my little room. It spills out into every aspect of my life!!!!! God gave me a gift and by golly I want to share it.

I've learned it is good to set goals for your blog.  So...I did.  I set two goals.  One, share as I learn and learn as I share.  It is so much more fun to work on a project with someone.  When we work together we talk, listen and learn. Gotta get the conversations rolling.  I need that!  Second, meet friends who love to craft as much as I do.  I have one friend nearby who is a craft nut like me.  She is so busy with a big family that she just doesn't have time to get together like we'd like.  So, I'm hoping to reach out and meet others who've got the time and energy but not really anybody available nearby to do stuff with!

So, what do you say, want to do some crafting?

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