Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet Grandbird Waddle, Waddle, Waddles!!!!!!

This bird is a trip!!!!  She's silly, funny, cute, sweet, loud, obnoxious, lovable, and is a little smoocher too!  About the only time she wants to nom-nom on your finger is when she's really hungry or really mad. She is fed regularly so that doesn't happen very often.  However, it's a different story if we neglect her. She gets pretty mad.  She's really no different than any female who has been neglected.  "We" may not bite but may be a little persnickety to the person (man) who neglected us until they (he) get what they deserve and we feel a little better.  After she gets that taken care of she'll go back to being all playful and lovable again.  Typical female.  Hmmm.  Now, back to Waddles... 

Waddles is a goffin cockatoo, and is about 1 1/2 years old.  She's very alert and very smart.  When she's on the floor she mostly hops and... waddles...yep, that's where her name came from.  She has a tendency to imitate us laughing, the dogs barking, and yelling her name as loud as possible (like we do when she gets too noisy.)  Her favorite time to talk is, of course, when we are having a conversation with someone on the phone, or in person, or watching a favorite tv program.

This birdie can dance!  I think her favorite music is daughter Olivia's scream-o, head banging stuff.  She even screams, I mean, sings to it!!!!!  However, I cannot stand her music so here is a little video of her breaking into dance to my kind of music...Pompeii by Bastille...I just love how she goes to the beat...fast and slow.  Enjoy!

Hope you have a blessed day!


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  1. Rosemary B here:
    Oh Penny!
    Waddles is adorable. She is a dancing Waddleblossom!
    Soooo cute. I am happy you made a video. I needed to see this today.
    She is a very very good girl!
    Miles nips my hubby when he is bored. Pierro is good as gold.
    Miles is very friendly with strangers. Pierro prefers to go up to our bed and hide under the covers near my pillow ..... I know, cute.
    Miles does not like to be held unless I am dancing with him. then he loves it.
    Pierro loves for me to carry him around for a while
    I love animabibbles