Thursday, September 18, 2014

Iphone to Samsung Galaxy S5 Transition

Just wanted to share my journey with you...

This is day four of using my new Samsung Galaxy S5. I love learning new things but c'mon man!!!!! In my timing - not quickly!!!!! Daughter, Olivia, finally sat down long enough to make it more familiar to me (more iPhoney.)  She moved apps into folders and deleted apps she didn't think I'd really need and then was able to get rid of a couple of pages so I would have less to mess with.  All in a matter of seconds.  That helped.

So, I went from this...
iPhone 4S
To this...

Samsung Galaxy S5

Why... you ask did I change?  Daughter pressure, and time to upgrade our phones.  It's water resistant too, so if I drop it in the toilet it won't die...

Not that this has ever happened to me but I do know at least three teens it has happened too and that cartoon explains it to a tee!

The main reason I made the switch is - the camera has more mega pixels than my Canon?!?! Only one - but jeez.  I've only taken a few pics with it, though.  I'm used to taking several pictures at a time before actually "viewing" the pictures to see how they turned out.  This darned thing takes a picture and immediately throws it on the screen for viewing! It wouldn't let me take another picture right away! What the heck?  I missed out on some cute pictures of Waddles because of that!!!!!  I was almost ready to trade it in until Olivia, once again, came along and fixed it for me.  Turns out that is just one of many settings you can change on the camera.  Go figure!  Ask and you shall receive even more than you asked for!!!!!

One other reason -- the size -- it's bigger.  A little easier on the ole eyes.  I was thinking about getting the one size up but figure I might just as well carry my iPad around with me if it gets that bad!  But then again...

I don't think so.  

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.  I still have time to decide if I should keep it or return it and go back to the iPhone.  

How about you?  Is your phone contract about up?  Are you thinking about switching? 

Until next time...May you have a blessed day!



  1. Rosemary B here :-)
    Hi Penny!
    I have the iPhone 5c.
    I also have an ipad mini. I take pictures and videos with both.

    Well, your experience is WHY we have children. Think about it Penny. If you did not have your daughters.... what would you be doing? haha I can't imagine either.
    I will keep my iPhone 5 because I have an otterbox and a clip for it and I like it just fine
    I have some special film on the screen that protects it from breaking, and the otterbox has saved me countless times.
    I hope you are having cooler days. ...and having loads of fun doing fun stuff.
    I am slowly accomplishing little things every day.... oh my, like climbing a mountain haha
    I hope my phone never falls in the toilet. That would be so gross.

  2. Hi, Penny :-)
    I was reading old posts on my blog, and I saw a comment from you, realized I haven't seen you in a while, and dropped by to see what's up. It's been a while since you posted! Hope all is well.
    Oh, and I have a Galaxy S5 (got a refurbished one this past Christmas) and I love it! I hope you've gotten more comfortable with yours by now :-)