Monday, August 11, 2014

What do you do with a Huge Zucchini?

Make Zucchini Bread, of course!!!!!

Check out the size of this bugger!  Ok, I have seen bigger but not in a long time!!!!

I had to call big sister, Sis, to ask if I could make bread with this.  Her response was, "Oh yeah. You eat the little ones and make bread with the big ones... just scoop out the spongy seed area and grate it - skin and all."  So... that's what I did! Here's what I made:

A wonderful, moist, cinnamony, yummy traditional Zucchini Bread...

I tried something different too...

Oh my!!!!  Yes!!!  CHOCOLATE Zucchini Bread!  I could crave this!  It even has chocolate chips in it and a crunchy crust on top.  

I found both recipes on Pinterest.  Here they are for your enjoyment too!

Grandmom's Zucchini Bread

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

If you make some let me know, ok?!

Hope you have a blessed day!



  1. my wonderful, creative little sister. It doesn't surprise me that she got that chocolate in zucchini bread! You go girl! Love the beautiful pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness, she figured out how to leave a comment! Yay!!!! If we lived closer, I'd make you a loaf of chocolate zucchini bread and bring it over so we could have it with coffee! Love you big sister!